Creative Works of Richard Waskul


Richard is a featured prop and model maker for 'String Theory'; A new Sci-Fi comedy series written by J.B.Waskul and features themes in both "Steam Punk" and "Retro-Futurism" design. For more information visit the String Theory website:

The Puppets of String Theory

Although most of the marionettes created for String Theory were created with various style and material constraints, Richard insisted on creating puppets on his own terms. Most of his creations were made with an unual variety of found objects that he found in nature, resale shops, and of course in his own cluttered workshop. Some of the puppets he made will probably never be used on the show because he deviated too far outside the design parameters, but his enthusiasm for the film project will always be appreciated.

The Aztlan RIding Dodo

This flightless bird is thought to be extinct around the world but a small population of these gentle creatures has been domesticated for transportation on Aztlan. With each successive generation the Aztlan Dodo has increased in size but not intelligence and has become increasingly reliant upon the islanders for survival.  

The Darwinosaur

This creature appears to be a throwback to the bygone era when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Although similar to the ancient theropods, this creature may actually be a devolved species of bird that mutated from drinking from the toxic wastewater ponds outside of Area 52.7.









The Darwinosaur earned the nickname 'Gordo' due to the fact that its body is actually made from a warted powderhorn gourd.

The Boar Cart

The Aztlan Department of Transportation has very lax regulations as for what qualifies as a vehicle as long as everyone pays for their license.  As an island nation with a mix of ancient and modern traditions, Aztlan allows for automobiles, motorbikes, buses, trucks, and a variety of animal drawn carts. Rush hour traffic tends to look like a circus parade. The Boar Cart is one of the more popular modes of transportation for many of the locals.

Albert Einstein

Although everyone assumes that Albert Einstein died on April 17 of 1955; Professor Dennis Balonium managed to steal Einsteins brain from Thomas Harvey and reanimate it in a robotic body in 1957. Prof. Balonium later gave Thomas Harvey a cloned copy of the brain after launching the Einstein android into orbit.

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